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Ed Lederman Shoots NY



Photographer Ed Lederman is a lover of New York. Looking at his images is somewhat of a love letter to the city. His panoramic photos are immense, overwhelming, and transport you straight into the environment he pursues to bottle. His other images are vignettes that evoke an emotion reminding us all why we moved to this hectic city that feeds our sensibilities.

“My photos, and especially the panoramic ones, are partly inspired by the old Grand Central Coloramas that I saw growing up in New York” explains Ed about his impetus. “The coloramams ended in 1980’s”. 

Ed is presenting his work in a new exhibition beginning January 27 and running through February 19th. The panoramic you see below (which includes The Standard, New York in the left hand side) is among other similar type images that will preview at the show. 

One of the panoramic images of central park is a 44 foot long photograph. You’ll have to come to the exhibit, Force Field, to see the rest of them. Kathleen Schneider’s work will also be shown beside Ed’s work. The gallery, Tria Gallery, and is located at 531 West 25 street, ground floor, Suite 5. Phone is 212.695.0021. Hours are Tuesday through Saturday from 11:00 am – 6:00 pm. 


Mercedes Benz NYC showroom photos

20 photos from a challenging photo shoot as we had to shoot after 5:30pm  but needed a certain amount of day photos

2013 Top 100 Giants: 71-80 - 50f83ba7bd3fc-53.jpg - 2013-01-17 17:58:00 UTC

Mercedes-Benz Manhattan in New York by Spector Group. Photography by Ed Lederman.
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